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For many African countries, agriculture is a large contributor to GDP and a major source of employment. A new generation of agtech firms has emerged as a result of the widespread adoption of technology in agriculture in recent years. This new breed of tech-savvy businesses is using innovation to address the agricultural sector’s most pressing issues, such as low productivity, food insecurity, and lack of market access.

Below are the leading agtech startups on the African continent:

1. Twiga foods

Twiga Foods is a firm based in Kenya that facilitates trade between farmers and distributors. With this system in place, farmers can more easily negotiate reasonable pricing for their goods, and stores can count on a steady supply of locally grown produce.

2. AgroCenta

Based in Ghana, AgroCenta is a tech business that facilitates transactions between small-scale farmers and commercial customers. Farmers can get a fair price for their goods and gain access to financing through the marketplace, and retailers can find reputable sources of high-quality goods.

3. Hello tractor

Hello Tractor is a Nigerian startup that facilitates the acquisition of low-cost tractors for use in agriculture by individual farmers. The platform employs Internet of Things (IoT) technology to track and monitor the tractors, ensuring they are well-maintained and utilised effectively.

4. Farmcrowdy

Farmcrowdy is a startup company based in Nigeria that facilitates investments in smallholder farms. Farmers can gain access to funding and technical support, while investors might reap financial rewards from financing agricultural ventures.

4. Apollo Agriculture

Based in Kenya, Apollo Agriculture helps small farmers get the resources they need to grow their crops, including access to credit and premium seeds. The business customises its services through data analytics and machine learning to boost crop yields and income for farmers.

5. Zenvus

The Zenvus company is a new venture based in Nigeria that offers farmers access to cutting-edge precision agriculture tools. The platform utilises Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to gather information on soil moisture, temperature, and other parameters, allowing farmers to make educated management decisions.

6. AgroSmart

AgroSmart is a Senegalese firm that facilitates financial and technical support for smallholder farmers. The programme employs data analytics and machine learning to tailor recommendations to individual farmers, hence boosting productivity.

7. mPedigree

mPedigree is a firm out of Ghana that uses blockchain technology to guarantee that food products are genuine. Users can check the safety of their food for chemicals and see where it came from on this site.

8. WeFarm

Kenyan company WeFarm facilitates communication and information sharing amongst the nation’s smallholder farmers. The platform employs short message service (SMS) to facilitate communication between farmers for the purpose of question and answer as well as knowledge sharing.

9. Aerobotics

Aerobotics is a South African firm that uses drones to take pictures and analyse the data for farmers. Farmers may utilise the platform to gain insight into crop health, yield estimates, and other important elements with the use of drones and machine intelligence.

In conclusion, agtech startups are revolutionising agriculture in Africa by addressing persistent problems and enhancing the quality of life for millions. In the years to come, it will be important to keep an eye on these companies, which are at the vanguard of this change.