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Smart technology have been widely adopted in African agriculture in recent years. The necessity to raise production, efficiency, and sustainability in the industry has prompted this shift. Better yields, lower expenses, and higher profits are all within reach for African farmers when they employ cutting-edge technology, paving the way for a brighter and more secure future for the continent.

Precision agriculture

Precision agriculture is one of the most important ways that smart technology is improving agricultural practises in Africa. The term “precision agriculture” refers to the practise of using high-tech tools to collect and analyse information about the environment in which crops are grown. By knowing when to plant, fertilise, irrigate, and harvest, farmers can maximise their yields.

The success of precision agriculture in Africa can be attributed in large part to the fact that many farmers there lack access to reliable data regarding their fields and crops. African farmers can now instantly pinpoint which sections of their fields need extra water, fertiliser, or insect control thanks to the use of sensors and drones. They can then put these inputs where they will do the most good, maximising efficiency and productivity.

Facilitating growth through the use of mobile applications

Smart technology is also facilitating the growth of African farms through the use of mobile applications. African farmers are increasingly turning to mobile apps for access to real-time data on the market price of crops, the weather, and other factors crucial to successful crop management. Farmers, who typically work in isolated places with little access to market information and other resources, will find this data to be invaluable.

Farmers can talk to each other and industry professionals using mobile apps. Farmers can benefit from each other’s knowledge and expertise by interacting in online discussion groups and forums. Improved productivity and resilience are the results of the community of practise created by this.

Blockchain technology

Agriculturists in Africa now have easier access to credit and insurance because to technological advancements. Blockchain technology eliminates the requirement for collateral or a credit history when it comes to providing loans and insurance to farmers. By analysing a farmer’s mobile device data, including farming activities, credit history, and social media accounts, blockchain technology allows lenders and insurers to authenticate the identity and creditworthiness of a farmer.

Why smart technology is beneficial

The vast majority of African farmers lack the documentation and collateral necessary to secure traditional loans, making this method especially effective there. Smart technology is helping African farmers invest in their crops, increase yields, and reduce vulnerability to climate change, pests, and other hazards by facilitating access to financing and insurance.

Precision farming, mobile apps, and blockchain enable African farmers to share knowledge, communicate with each other and with specialists, and gain access to new markets, financing options, and insurance coverage. As a result, they are able to boost production, cut expenses, and enhance revenues, ensuring a brighter and more secure future for the African continent. The agricultural industry and the African economy as a whole stand to gain even more as the adoption of smart technology continues to rise across the continent.